About us

In 2013, we launched our humble little farm. It was born out of the desire to have fresh pasture-raised chicken for our family. Starting on just an 1/8th of an acre, we began to raise 100 chickens on pasture. Word spread quickly. Our first batch of chickens sold out leaving us with hardly a chicken for ourselves.

Today we farm about an acre and a half of both rural and urban plots in Nora Springs, IA. Poultry is the centerpiece of our operation but we also offer micro-greens and seasonal market greens to add diversity. Although not certified as organic, we adhere to, and exceed, most organic principles. We like refer to ourselves as “beyond organic”.

We have a deep passion for local food and love to share information and educate others on the benefits of supporting a local food system.

(Also pictured is our daughter, Avery. She plays and integral role in chick handling and naming)

– Steve and Marcy Strasheim