Trudging forward


This spring has been nothing but challenges. First, we raced to get into our new property back in March so we could get the garden ready as soon as possible. Our thought was we’d have a typical Spring, or more hoping for a typical Spring.  We wanted to start planting April 1. Well, as we have all seen, that got thrown out the window to the tune of a record 25″ inches of snow in April.

Having had enough, last Friday I threw on my snow boots and decided to do something, anything, out in the garden. I decided to flag the bed locations:


It gave a sense of accomplishment. At least? As of today the the snow is completely melted and now just waiting for the ground to dry some so that we can get in and shape the beds and FINALLY get to planting.

We are effectively a month behind schedule. Not the end of the world, but in a short growing season every week counts. We’ll be light on product for the 1st few farmers markets. I don’t think we’ll be alone, but it’s still frustrating.

Next season we’ll have a bit of a leg up, though. We’ll be investing in a couple of high-tunnels to help circumvent the weather. But until then…we’ll trudge on.

And they said farming was easy. Pass the scotch.



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