FINALLY! A garden is born


Yesterday was a day I have waited for YEARS. Ok, not literally, but c’mon, April really sucked.

I wrote the other day how I staked and flagged the location in the snow. I wasn’t too sure how accurate that was going to be in the end, but it was pretty darn close.

So this is what we started with:

and from the ground:

The existing garden was nowhere big enough and needed to be bigger:

So we hired a gentleman by the name of Randy Strait to come and till it for us yesterday:

After he was done we went through and started laying out the beds (which is a highly technical maneuver done by shuffling your feet to tamp down the walk ways and foot paths) 😉

We still have a LOT of shuffling to do. And we’re going to try like heck to get some seed in the ground tonight ahead of the rain. We’ll keep you posted.


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