2018 whirlwind season

Nov 30/2018

Where did the summer go?


The last time we caught up was back in May?? What’s that saying about best intentions?


This growing season was a challenge no doubt. Between getting the plot developed and the torrential rains it was enough to challenge even the most experienced of growers. We made it through ok and have a good grasp now on how our land reacts to those events.


I couldn’t be more pleased with the season overall. Thinking back to what we started with:


And how it looked at the end:


I’d say we have a lot to be thankful for!!


Along the way we had some cool things happen-


The Globe Gazette and the Mitchell County Press both ran stories about Twisted River Farm on their front pages!


We hosted a field day in August and had almost 80 people attend! We were excited to partner with our friends at Fat Hill Brewing and Taste to provide beer and snacks using our produce at the event.

We were also invited to be apart of some other really cool events


The Mitchell County Farm to Fork Dinner in September

Bites and Brews event in Clear Lake in October


We are also excited to add two new grocery locations to our growing list of customers this year –


Randy’s Neighborhood Market in Osage


Hy-vee East in Mason City


People often ask “what do you do in the winter time?” Typically winter is a time of rest for farmers. We certainly slow down with the garden being put to bed for the winter, but with our indoor growing space we’re able to keep producing micro-greens all year long

(me with Britani from Rusty’s Last Call in Osage in the grow room as part of the Small Biz Saturday promotion the Osage Chamber put on)


Enjoy your winter!  


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