2017 Updates and announcements

Hi Friends & Farm-ily,

Welcome March!  Spring is certainly in the air and hopefully the whole March comes out like a lamb rings true. March is always a busy time: readying the garden, cleaning and tuning equipment, ordering supplies. The list never seems to end.

2017 has some big changes in store.  As you may have already noticed we have added some new items in our menu. But we have more yet to come. When we started our farm, we set off to be a diverse farm that offered meat and more. Well, this is the year we add that diversity.

Broiler chickens have been our bedrock; the thing we are known for.  However, in order to make room for some of our new things that means having to scale back our chicken production slightly. The chickens will still be offered this year, but we’re going to shift their availability towards late summer/fall. So rather than chickens ready as early as June as we normally do, we’ll push that back to September. The Cornish game hens were a huge success last year, so we’ll offer them again this fall, too.

So on to the new things!


On Feb 1st we rolled out our first additions: pea and sunflower shoots and micro-radish. We chose these for their popularity and versatility but may add more varieties in time. These nutrient dense little morsels are packed with flavor and have received great feedback so far.  Aside from the occasional “What are micro-greens?” They have been a real hit! You can go HERE to read more.

Market Greens

We will be offering a range of market greens and salad mix this year. This will consist of an ever changing assortment of: spinach, arugula, baby kale, lettuce, salad mix and perhaps some root vegetables like radish.  In addition to just having them available on our drop off delivery, we’ll be bringing them to a weekly local farmers market (to be announced in the coming weeks). Be on the look out, we’re going to start planting very soon!

In the mean time, we’ll make our regular announcements on Facebook like we normally do. Shoot us a message with any questions or comments.

We look forward to seeing you all this summer!

Steve and Marcy

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